What is the Clothes Watchers?

Clothes Watchers is a curated fashion selection. We select the best items listed all over the web. Our goal is to make you save time through an extensive and wide selection of garments from all genres. We only select clothing from trusted second-hand marketplaces.

The originality here is that we do not sell any of these items in our selection, we just provide you with links to these hidden gems, by purchasing through our website.

By using our links you get directly access to the most subversive and latest menswear items handpicked by us and on some items, you allow us to earn a small commission used to pay the different fees to keep the machine running.

We try to update our selection as often as possible, so you reaaaaaaaaally need to follow us on Instagram @clothes_watchers (just an advice!) or you can opt-in our newsletter to get all the latest additions (guaranteed without spam).

User guide

In order to buy an item from our curated selection, the process is pretty straight-forward. Let me walk you through the process: *clearing throat* well, you just need to click the item you want.

Simple right?

By the magic of 5G and the worldwide web, you will instantly be redirected to the seller’s page (if the item is still available of course). Then you surely know how to complete the purchase process. Spoiler: it’s simple.

Since most of our items are from private sellers, you will generally have the ability to discuss the price or send an offer. My advice: use that function.

The long-awaited moment to use your professional negotiation techniques learnt from a YouTube video three years ago has finally arrived.

Before buying

We select items for our selection exclusively on trusted marketplaces such as Ebay, Depop, Vinted, etc. Even if we try our best to avoid counterfeits within our selection by verifiying each items and picking lesser-known labels or small brands, we are only human after all, and mistakes may still happen, so please be aware of this before buying and make sure to legit-check the item by any means necessary if you have any doubt. Better safe than sorry. Also always pay with Paypal Good&Services, always.


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