Welcome to Sound System

Sound System aims to be a space where we share what we listen to while crafting our selection. This section of the website might seem completely unrelated but that’s the point since Fashion and Music have always been two universes helplessly bonding together.

Here you will find playlists, mixes, and other stuff that will supply with some fresh beats, updated, as usual, regularly. As music is something to share, don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions at clotheswatchers@gmail.com or on Instagram @clothes_watchers


“Living Room session Mizell Brothers Special” by SkratchBastide
May 2020

“Absolute Pitch 1.0” playlist by @valeriazzzzzzzzz
May 2020

“April In Your Room” by Karina Istomina
May 2020


“Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts” by Bishop Nehru
May 2020

“What Kinda Music” by Tom Misch feat. Yussef Dayes
April 2020

“Grime MC” by Jme
November 2019

“B4 I Breakdown” by Ojerime
May 2020